Veteran Rescues American Flag from Dump

US Army veteran rescues American flag from a Wisconsin city dump after it is carelessly thrown away.

As a battalion first sergeant in the US Army, Al Tesmann never lost a man in his 22 years of service. However, after recovering a large American flag from a city dumpster, he now believes he knows what it feels like to lose a soldier.

Large American Flag from Dumpster | CVS Flags

While throwing out real trash in his hometown of Plover, Wisconsin, Tessmann rescued the flag from a grossly improper disposal. He noticed the flag, which is very similar to ones he frequently saw flying at military posts, mostly buried under piles of trash in the dumpster.

From the moment he saw the flag, he knew something had to be done. “It was apparent to me that the operator that runs the dump there, he takes scoops full of stuff and puts it in trailers, and some of his scooping had ripped it already,” said Al.

Once Tessmann recovered the full American flag from the dumpster, he immediately took it over to the Plover Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 10262. The veteran said he felt angry that someone would desecrate Old Glory like that and equated his emotions to losing a comrade in battle.

The Plover VFW says they plan to give the large US flag the proper retirement ceremony it deserves. But in the meantime, they will use the incident as a public service announcement about proper flag etiquette and disposal. The flag will be on display at a city wide celebration, where the VFW will give a lesson how to treat the flag and retire an old one.

What do you think of his actions to save the flag? Would you do the same thing? How can communities better teach proper flag etiquette to eliminate wrongful flag disposal?

Credit: Green Bay Gazette

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