Veterans Honored Throughout the North Shore

Veterans honored throughout the North Shore this year during Veteran’s Day ceremonies held in Louisiana.

This veterans’ story comes straight to you from New Orleans where the St. Tammany Parish Hospital resides. There, the colors red, white, and blue and a very common sight. Displaying the colors is a way to recognize United States veterans who are employees, volunteers, physicians, or patients.

This Veteran’s Day, the Military Order of Purple Heart will present the hospital with a very prestigious commendation for implementing the Honor Red, White and Blue Program. The program honors all veterans in the hospital to make sure they receive the recognition they deserve.

American Flag Military Uniform Purple Heart

When patients register at the hospital, staff politely asks them if they are a veteran and if they may have permission to recognize them as so during their stay. Employees will even place a star next to their nameplate and mark their electronic records so everyone knows.

St. Tammany doesn’t stop there. If a veteran dies while in the hospital, they also offer a special American flag ceremony to friends and family members. Staff members gather to help escort the veteran out who is also draped in an American flag that is then given to the family.

The Military Order of Purple Heart wanted to thank St. Tammany for their outstanding care for US veterans and present them with a check to help fund the program to ensure it continues. Part of the donation will go to purchasing more US flags, both for display around the hospital and for tributes to passed on veterans.

This ceremony will take place on November 14th and is open to the public. For more information, please click here:

Do you know a person or an organization that does an outstanding job of honoring veterans? How do they give US vets the appreciation they deserve?


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