Veterans Lose Battle to Save Ohio Vets Memorial

A group of US veterans lose their battle to save Ohio vets memorial from demolition.

A handful of United States veterans from Franklin County stood between county commissioners and begged them to wait before they tore down their Veterans Memorial building. The veterans asked the city for additional time to raise funds so they could try to save their memorial from destruction.

They did not get any more time.

Voting was held among the county commissioners and a 3-0 vote lead to the agreement to demolish the old Veterans Memorial and build a new glass-and-steel Ohio Veterans Memorial and Museum in its place. This project is part of a larger CDDC plan to redevelop the Scioto Peninsula.

Ohio Veterans Memorial Building

Members of the Veterans Memorial board asked for the demolition delay so they could try to raise funds for a renovation, instead of a complete rebuild. However, another veterans group actually disagreed with that plan and was in favor of replacing the old memorial with a museum paying tribute to all Ohio veterans.

A number of veterans from both sides of the issue gave their thoughts on the new building, which will be a part of a larger complex. Included in the new development of Scioto Peninsula will be a science museum and a Downtown Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

The article did not specify, but we think a flag display should also be included with the memorial plans, if it isn’t already. They could fly the American flag, along with the POW/MIA flag and all the branches of the US Military as well. Flying all these flags together is a great way to show tribute to this country and the men and women who fought to keep it safe.


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