Veterans Remembered Flag Mission Carries On

Patriotic citizens carry on the mission and spread the word about a special Veterans Remembered flag that honors veterans of all wars.

Todd and Debra Kabella wanted to replace a damaged Support Our Troops flag at their home.

Kabella stumbled upon a documentary that highlighted World War II veteran James Park. Park was 93 when he passed away. However, he had a mission to create a flag that would honor veterans of all wars and wanted that flag to fly in all 50 states. Kabella decided the Veterans Remembered flag Park described was the he wanted to replace his Support Our Troops flag.

Veterans Remembered Flag

Kabella and two of his co-workers in Crown Point worked to get the Veterans Remembered flag flying. Their efforts accomplished Park’s mission in getting the flag to fly in multiple states – 25 states and counting.

Veterans Remembered Flag flying

Kabella said, “I started getting sentimental watching that program, thinking about how when soldiers come home and the welcome parades are over, that it’s often over as far as remembering what they did. This is to show support and to always remember what they did.” His son is in the Army National Guard and he has a nephew that is also in the military. Kabella went on to say that, “Without the sacrifices of our soldiers, from all the way back to the earliest times, there would have been no U.S. flag in the first place.”

Proceeds from the Veterans Remembered flag go towards the American Veterans Association. Learn more about the flag honoring all veteran’s here.


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  1. To whom may help.
    I’m a Viet nam Veteran who loves the flag you have on your web page. Green w/ star. PLEASE how much for one so that i can display it on my Flag pole.
    thank you
    george baker

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