Volunteers Help Plant U.S. Flags for a Fallen Marine

Community members from all around came to help set up a giant display of U.S. flags for a fallen Marine.

In Highland, Illinois, hundreds of community members donated their time to help honor fallen Marine Corporal Aaron Ripperda. The volunteers helped plant hundreds of U.S. flags for the Marine, who was one of seven killed during a training exercise in Nevada.

Fallen Marine Ripperda

In order to show respect, the volunteers are lining the streets with American flags. The task alone is not easy, but the end result is an absolutely gorgeous sight. A family member of Ripperda said, “It really shows us how many people out there really care and it’s good.” But for the whole family, the patriotic gesture is more than they could have ever imagined.

Fallen Marine News

Flag Man, Larry Eckhardt is behind this grand American flag display. The Flag Man travels the country honoring fallen U.S. soldiers from all 50 states with tons and tons of American flags. For the past seven years, Eckhardt has been out travelling ten states in particular, helping communities show their appreciation for those who served.

Flags for Fallen Marine

The Flag Man draws an eager crowd wherever he goes, which is a good thing because he needs the help setting up the thousands of U.S. flags in his stash. He also notices that veterans are always the first inline to lend a helping hand.

Credit: KSDK

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