Waving the American Flag in All 50 States – One Man’s Journey Around the Country

This is the story of one man’s journey across the USA, waving the American flag in all 50 states

Twenty-one year old Howard Li had a dream a couple years ago to visit all 50 states (including the District of Columbia) and document himself flying the American flag along the way. After nearly two years, Li achieved his goal and created a patriotic video of his road trip.

As you watch the video, you see Li proudly waving his American flag in from of various iconic landmarks. He took a picture of himself in front of the various sites and welcome signs in each state he visited. The video takes you through each state in reverse alphabetical order, from Wyoming to Alabama.

50 US Flag Road Trip Virginia

When all was said and done, Li’s American flag road trip took him one year, nine months, and two days.

Li commented with, “After my study abroad experience in college, I was exposed to my love of traveling alone. So I wanted to start domestically in all 50 states and continue from there. The waving flag was just an idea that come to mind so I could always have a keepsake for myself.”

So which state was Li’s favorite?

He said this was the toughest question for him to answer, but if he had to choose he’d say California was both his most and least favorite. This was because of how large and diverse the state is in terms of people, climate, landscape, culture, and more.

What do you think of Li’s American flag road trip around the country? Have you visited all 50 states or gotten close? Do you have a favorite state you have visited?

Credit: Yahoo! News

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