What Size Flag Is Right For My Flagpole?

Every so often a comment pops up on the blog asking about flagpoles and flag sizes. We’ve decided to finally write a blog to help anyone asking this same question.

The easiest way to determine which sized flag to fly from your pole is to first consider the height of your flagpole. The flag is usually at least 1/4th the height of the pole. That chart below is a minimum size suggestion for the flag on your pole.


Pole Height                         Flag Size

15’ – 20’                               3×5’

25’                                        4×6’

30’                                         5×8’

35’                                         6×10’

40’ – 45’                                 8×12’

50’                                         10×15’

60’ – 70’                                12×18’ to 15×25’

80’                                         20×30

90’                                         25×40’

100’ -130’                              30×50’

Below is an example of a flag too small for its pole.

flagpole size

flag to flagpole ratio

Above flies a flag that is proportionate to its pole. Interested in purchasing the proper flag for your flagpole? Head over to CollinsFlags.com today to order yours!

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    1. There aren’t any restrictions in the industry, but there could be restrictions based on the location in which you live, or if you are a part of a home owners association. You might check and see if your city has placed any restrictions on the flag pole size, and with your HOA as well if this applies to you. Hope this helps!

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