Where is the American Flag Flown 24 Hours a Day?

Image of the White House with the American flag on top.

It is a universal custom to fly your U.S. flag from sunrise to sunset, but not everyone knows that they are allowed to fly their American flag at night. Flying the American flag 24 hours a day is allowed at all locations, as long as your flag has the proper lighting and illumination at night. Proper flag illumination at night is broadly defined as bright enough that the flag is recognizable by the casual observer. These are just few of the many customs that are observed when following proper flag etiquette.

There are however, 8 places in the country that always fly their American flag 24 hours a day. These places are listed below and have been authorized by law to do so. All of these locations hold a significant historical importance to the country of the United States of America.

Where is the American Flag Flown 24 Hours a Day?

Image of the Washington Monument with its ring of flags.

It is important to remember that all flags are subject to being lowered to half-staff depending on the orders of their state Governor or the United States President. There are also numerous half-staff days in the United States.

Source: US Flags.org

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