Woman Plans to Carry American Flag to Utah, Relay Style

To honor her first responders, a woman plans to carry an American flag from Idaho to Utah, relay style.

In Rupert, Idaho, Tricia Fain wanted to raise more awareness for first responders after her own life-altering experience. After nearly being murdered, she was saved by first responders and now plans to honor them by carrying an American flag cross country.

Fain told Idaho’s First News about her terrible encounter. Fain was almost killed by her ex-husband, if it weren’t for the brave first responders who saved her life and gave her shelter after the attack. She wants to show the country how many lives first responders save every day.

Carrying American flag relay style

Fain formed a 150-member relay group that will begin their journey at Rupert Square and end in Logan, Utah, as part of her plan to honor first responders. During the relay, they will carry the American flag and at the end, present it to Fain’s first responder.

Fain says she has received so much support from her family, friends, and community, along with other companies such as Pepsi and Walmart. She said, “Every day we send out this message, we’re having more and more people jumping on board. It’s pretty exciting to see people being patriotic and wanting this flag to stand.”

Credit: KMVT 

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