The World’s Most Famous Flags

United States

Image of a United States flag.

The US flag is arguably the most famous flag in the world because of America’s superpower status (Hollywood also helps). People across the world associate the stars and stripes with freedom and democracy.

United Kingdom

Image of the flag of the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom flag is famously named the ‘Union Flag’ which represents the unity of the four countries in the UK. It is one of the most famous flags in the world because of its unique design. The United Kingdom itself is famous for its culture, weather and status among the world’s superpowers.


Image of the flag of Japan.

The Japanese flag is a famous flag for a variety of reasons, mainly because of its unique and simplistic design. Another factor is that the Japanese flag has never been changed since its debut in 1870, making it a consistent symbol throughout history. The majority of the flag’s fame comes from Japan’s involvement in World War II.


Image of the Canadian national flag.

The Canadian flag is recognizable mainly because of two things, its maple leaf design and hockey. Its design is appropriate because it incorporates the national symbol (maple leaf) and the country’s official colors. Many people in North America recognize it because of its close proximity and large body of land, but others across the world will associate the flag with hockey, or the winter Olympics.


Image of the Chinese flag.

The Chinese flag is one of the most famous flags because of its modern day superpower status. In the past few decades, China has grown rapidly in a number of areas – especially its economy and population size. China is the third largest country by land area, and the most populated country in the world.

Famous flags no longer in use

Nazi Flag

Image of the Nazi Flag.

Soviet Union Flag

Image of the Soviet Union Flag.

United States Confederate Flag

Image of the Confederate flag.

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18 Replies to “The World’s Most Famous Flags

  1. UK flag is more famous then the american flag, UK flag has been around the world in many different countries and some even have it on their flag australia/new zealand but of course america likes to think its the best at everything so…

    1. to James, I kinda agree. the American flag I believe is kinda nicer, but still, the British flag is still more iconic.

  2. To James:

    I agree, the UK flag is superior, simply due to its strong historical significance. The US flag is good, but its a redesigned British flag anyways, hence adding weight to how highly influential the British flag was / is.

    1. i think the British flag by far has the most history/longevity. But the American flag has probably Played a much more significant role in the past few decades. That being said I would not have been surprised to see Britains flag at the top of the list. I’m more surprised Canada made the list over Brazil and some of the other European countries.

    2. The USA flag was not from UK flag. Plus I like the flag but it obviously doesn’t have much history besides that the UK wanted American land from native Americans in the war. I wonder if it would be UK then or America just wondering.

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