WW II Veteran Wants to See More Flags

After urging city officials to fly more flags, one WW II veteran gets closer to his flag raising goal.

Jim Walsh, 87, has one goal for his city: fly more American flags. After talking to city officials, the WW II veteran inched closer to his ultimate goal.

Last week he announced the creation of the “U.S. American Flag Committee Fund,” as he stood outside the police station. The small event drew many veterans, active military members, and other supporters in the community. Every person held an American flag while Walsh led the crowd in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

WWII veteran with American flags
Jim Walsh gives a speech as his supporters wave American flags in the background

Walsh believes, “The American flag is our symbol of unity. The responsibility of remembrance falls to all of us, not just those serving in uniform, but every man, woman, and child who woke up this morning in the land of the free.” The veteran served in the Army during the Battle of the Bulge.

Walsh has already received approval to install 32 U.S. flags along the Market Street Bridge, which will cost about $1,000. He is hoping to gather enough donations to cover the cost. A special fund has been set up to help aid that. Walsh also wants to have all the flags up and waving by Memorial Day weekend and wants even more flags around town by Veterans Day later this year.

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Credit: Citizen’s Voice

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