A Younger Generation Learns About the Flag

Patriots of a younger generation learns about the flag during a US flag retirement ceremony.

Clutching a tattered American flag very tightly, Stewart E. Lerch tossed it into the orange flames as he said his father’s name aloud. Lerch was only 7 months old when his dad was killed during World War II as part of the Army.

Stewart is now 69-years-old but still found great comfort in the flag ceremony. He said, “I never knew my dad, so this gave me a sense of closure.”

This flag retirement ceremony was held in Exeter Township at the Daniel Boone Homestead. It was organized by the Conrad Weiser Society, Pennsylvania State Society Children of the American Revolution and the Berks County Veterans Affairs Office.

Younger Generation Flag Retirement Ceremony

Senior state president of Children of the American Revolution Floyd N. Turner II said he really enjoys holding these events, mostly for the benefit of the organizations younger members. Floyd said, “We’re teaching them a bit about American, how to handle the flag and the heritage that comes along with it.”

The ceremony was held according to the rules set forth by the US Flag Code, which became law in 1942. When flags become too warn or tattered to fly, the code stipulates that they must be retired in a dignified manner.

A small crowd attended the event, but everyone was welcome to participate. As each attendee took a flag, they all recited a name as they placed the American flag into the flames. Some honored fathers, mothers, children, siblings, friends and so much more.

Nikole Botscheller, 15, is a member of the American Revolution organization and someday hopes to be an Army medic. She participated by dedicating a flag to her father, who is a retired Army officer of 22 years.

Teaching younger generations about the American flag and proper ways to handle it is very important but often times over looked. How can you help keep proper flag etiquette alive among today’s youth?

Credit: Reading Eagle

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