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How to Properly Fold An American Flag

A representation of pride and patriotism!

As an American, you already know the importance of certain flag matters such as never letting it touch the ground or when to fly it at half-mast. There are also guidelines for how to store the flag when it isn't being flown. While other flags can be folded in any way when stored, the American flag needs to be folded in a respectful manner to honor the symbolism of this iconic emblem. Here are the steps for how to properly fold an American flag.

1. Hold the flag with a partner
The first step in how to properly fold an American flag is to find a partner to help with the task. You will need to hold one end of the flag while your partner holds the other end to make folding easier and ensure the flag doesn't touch the ground.

2. Fold flag in half lengthwise
Fold the lower half of the striped section over the field of stars. Make sure you fold it just below the grommet into a gutter to ensure the right thickeners and more importantly, make sure there will be no red showing in the end result.

3. Fold again lengthwise with the blue field on the outside top
Make sure the crease is tight and that the corners are aligned with the first fold to get the right appearance. Folding a flag might take time to do it right but it's worth doing right!

4. Make a triangular fold with the striped end
Next, you will bring the striped corner of the folded edge to meet the offset edge of the flag. It's vital to start with the folded edge when making the triangle, to make sure the folds align correctly in the finished result. You always start the folding with the stripes and work your way towards the blue field to ensure the stars are the visible part when you are done folding.

5. Fold the triangle fold inward
The next step is to take the outer end point and turn it inward. You will then make a second triangle parallel to the open edge.

6. Continue this movement of folding
You will continue folding in a triangular method for the remainder of the flag. For most standard sized flags, it will require thirteen folds which is related to the 13 original colonies. Regardless of the size of the flag, you will follow the same steps to create the end result.

7. Tuck in the ends the right way
Once you have folded the flag completely and only the blue field of stars is visible, you need to tuck the end into the fold to secure it in place. The final result should a folded flag that shows only the blue, showcases four stars pointing upward and features corners that are pointed so you can easily place the flag in a viewing case.

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