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International Code of Signals Flags

A flag is often a way to communicate without saying a word. With this in mind, certain symbols have become known on the water as a particular language used by boaters of all countries. With the use of the International Code of Signals flags, a common language is developed and utilized to ensure a safe boating experience for all involved.

Made in the USA!

This high quality flag product is Made in America. We pride ourselves in delivering flags from American manufacturers who meet or exceed our demand for high-quality construction.

We offer international code flags in a variety of options to make sure you always have exactly what you need to communicate effectively.

Our Naval Code flags are nylon, sewn throughout with double-stitched seams and all in approved colors. They come complete with rope distance lines for even easier use. Choose from sizes 0, 2, 3, 7, and 10 supplied with ash toggles and size 14 supplied with bronze snaps and rings. All complete International Code Flag sets are supplied with durable storage/carrying bag. While these bags do not have pockets, they are great for carrying all of the necessary code flags.

International Code of Signals

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Flag Size Description Price  
0 International Code of Signals Set (Size 0) $488.70
2 International Code of Signals Set (Size 2) $724.50
3 International Code of Signals Set (Size 3) $819.00
7 International Code of Signals Set (Size 7) $1,242.60
10 International Code of Signals Set (Size 10) $1,827.00
14 International Code of Signals Set (Size 14) $2,182.50

Size   Description of Set Size   Description of Set
0  26 Alphabet Flags: 1' x 1 1/4'
 11 Pennants: 2/3' x 2'
 3 Substitutes: 2/3' x 1 1/3'
7  26 Alphabet Flags: 3' x 3'
 11 Pennants: 2' x 4 1/2'
 3 Substitutes: 2' x 4'
2  26 Alphabet Flags: 1 1/2' x 2'
 11 Pennants: 1 1/3' x 3'
 3 Substitutes: 1' x 2'
10  26 Alphabet Flags: 4' x 4'
 11 Pennants: 2 2/3' x 6'
 3 Substitutes: 2 2/3' x 5 1/3'
3  26 Alphabet Flags: 2' x 2'
 11 Pennants: 1 1/3' x 3'
 3 Substitutes: 1 1/3' x 2 1/3'
14  26 Alphabet Flags: 4' x 6'
 11 Pennants: 2 2/3' x 9'
 3 Substitutes: 2 2/3' x 5 1/3'
Pole Hem / Header and Grommet Flags

What is the difference between a Pole Hem Flag and a Header and Grommet Flag?

What is the difference between a Pole Hem Flag and a Header and Grommet Flag?

* Continental U.S. only

The Importance of The International Code of Signals Flags
Having a set of International Code of Signals flags is vital if you own a boat, yacht, sailboat or other vessel that goes out on the ocean as it enables you to communicate with other vessels around you (i.e. signaling for assistance or telling them to steer clear). Each flag within the international code of signals has a specific and standard meaning, as well as a single letter associated with it, so if there isn't a flag with a specific meaning that gets your message across, you can spell it out letter by letter.

Just as having a set of signal flags on your vessel is important, the quality with which they're made is also as important. Here at Collinsflags.com, all of our products are made in the USA with the highest standards to ensure a satisfactory product. Our International Code of Signals flags are constructed from heavy-duty nylon, sewn throughout with double stitched seams all in bright vibrant and approved colors, so you don't have to worry about your signal flags fading. Choose from six different flag size sets 0, 2, 3, 7, 10, and 14, all of which include 26 alphabet flags, 11 pennants, 3 substitute flags, rope distance lines, and a durable storage/carrying bag.

If you have any questions regarding our International Code flags, please contact us for further assistance. We are more than happy to assist you with this important purchase.

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