The Indian Flag | National Flags

30 The Indian flag uses a traditional tricolor flag design, something that is very popular among European nations. The three colors are aligned as horizontal stripes of saffron (orange), white and green. The three colors on the Indian flag each have their own individual meanings. Saffron stands for courage and... Read more

Mauritius – National Flags

00 At we carry over 75 national flags ranging from the popular to lesser known. One flag/nation many might not recognize is the flag of Mauritius. The Republic of Mauritius is a volcanic island located in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar. History Uninhibited until 1638, the Dutch named the... Read more

United Nations Flag

00 The United Nations flag was adopted on December 7, 1946 after the formation of the United Nations (UN). The flag features a white UN emblem on a light blue background. The UN emblem is a world map on an axis surrounded by olive branches. The olive branches represent peace... Read more