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Veterans Day

Veterans Day

I am thankful for the brave men and women who have served in all United States wars and conflicts to give us the freedoms the American Flag represents today!

As a current veteran of the U.S. Military, I recently watched a science fiction series on Paramount called “The Man in the High Castle”. It opens in the early 1960’s with a twist; Germany and Japan had won World War II! Germany claimed all U.S. land east of the Rocky Mountains and Japan had taken everything West of the Rocky’s. The series exhibits what life could have been like if we had lost the war. In the show, during a flashback to 1945, the Germans swiftly forced our U.S. Military Officers to serve in the German military or they were eliminated. But what impacted me the most about this show was how the Germans did not fly their flag over the United States but disgraced our flag by replacing the stars with a swastika! This struck me as an abomination to our great country and flag!

My grandfather and 3 great uncles served in WW II; one of them served valiantly in the Battle of the Bulge for months on end, liberating one town after another. I was born in the late 60’s and it was an honor to know such individuals who helped shape the history we live in today. What if our veterans hadn’t made the sacrifices they did? If not for all the brave people who served during WW II, it isn’t farfetched to think the storyline of that TV show could have been our reality! Thank God it is not, and the United States of America prevailed. Long live Old Glory!

Martin Bragg

VP of Sales