90 Year Old Veteran and Father Proud to Fly Flags

90 Year Old Veteran and Father Proud to Fly Flags

Age is Nothing More Than a Number

As a flag company, we are occasionally graced with some amazing stories that our customers share with us. We were recently given praise from the Cynthia, and her father, Edwin. Edwin is 90 years young and climbed a 24-foot extension ladder to put a gold eagle atop of his flagpole. Incredible! The family was kind enough to provide us with some kind words as well as some great images of Edwin proudly putting the finishing touches on his flag display.

The Finishing Touches

“Dear Collins Flags,

My father requested that I email you and tell you how happy he is with the flags. I am also attaching pictures. He is 90 and climbed the 24-foot flag pole with an extension ladder. He put a Gold Eagle at the top. I was very pleased with how quickly we received your catalogue and the prices. At first, I was concerned that my dad chose to buy from the first catalogue he received without comparing but after seeing others I think he made the right choice.Thank you so much. I will refer you to other people and we will be return customers!

Yours Truly,

Cynthia (And my dad Edwin)”

Feeling Proud

Days like today when we are allowed to share an inspiring moment with a great family is one of the many reasons why we love being in the flag business. Thank you to Cynthia and Edwin for sharing this with us, and we look forward to serving you in the future! God bless America!

P.S. The flag display looks magnificent!

The Final Result