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How To Choose the Best Flag Material

How To Choose the Best Flag Material

Knowing the different materials available is vital if you're looking for an American flag to fly outside your home or if you need a flag for classrooms or any other location.

Doing so means you can go and buy a US flag that not only looks fantastic but will stand up to its environment and not need replacing for many years, if ever!

Let’s explore your options and discover which is best for your needs.

Nylon Flags

Want your American flag to fly proudly and catch the attention of everyone who passes by?

Then a nylon flag is an excellent choice thanks to its shiny finish, which will make the Stars and Stripes – or any other flag – stand out vividly against the landscape.

A nylon flag is often the best flag for outdoor use, too, for two reasons:

  1. Nylon dries quickly. Even after a shower or prolonged rainfall, it won't be long before your nylon flag is free of water and flying proudly from your flagpole or wall.
  2. The material is fade-resistant, so your nylon flag's sheen and vibrant colors will last a long time. The last thing you want to do when trying to show off your patriotism is to appear disrespectful by flying a faded US flag!

One other thing to consider is that nylon is lightweight. While this can have benefits when choosing a flagpole or a larger flag, it also means that it's more prone to tears. So you should consider a different material if you live in a particularly windy place and always want to fly your American flag.

What Flagpole Should I Use for a Nylon Flag?

Our Two Piece White Aluminum Heavy Duty Spinning Flagpole with Adjustable Bracket is an excellent choice for a

Two Piece White Alum Heavy Duty Spinning Flagpole

wall-mounted flag.

If you're flying your nylon US flag from a flagpole in a low-wind area, our Homesteader Aluminum in Ground flagpoles is an excellent choice. A Telescoping Flagpole is also worth a look.

What Nylon Flags Do You Sell?

We have a broad range of nylon US flags.

Our Nylon US Flag With Header And Grommets is our best-selling nylon flag and is available in various sizes depending on your needs.

You can also view our full range of nylon US flags here.

Polyester Flags

Poly flags are another ideal candidate for flying an outdoor flag. This is because polyester is more robust than nylon. As such, it is the best flag for outdoor use if you live in an area prone to dust storms, or other extreme weather and wind events.

Like nylon, polyester flags dry quickly. However, polyester has better wicking properties than nylon, so while nylon will dry more rapidly, a poly flag will absorb less water in the first place.

Overall, it's a harder-wearing fabric that is thicker-woven than nylon. So your poly flag should last longer even if exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Are There Any Drawbacks to a Poly Flag?

Polyester's qualities mean a poly flag will be more expensive than a nylon one. Along similar lines, harder-wearing and more robust also means heavier. As such, you'll need stronger winds blowing more consistently to enjoy Old Glory in all its glory. You also don’t get the sheen you do from a nylon flag.

What Flagpole Should I Use for a Polyester Flag?

Assuming you choose a polyester flag because you live in a windy area and need its robust qualities, go for one of our premium internal halyard flagpoles. Alternatively, check out our Economy Extra series if spending more on a poly flag means you have a little less to spend on a flagpole.

What Polyester Flags Do You Sell?

You can buy this Poly US Flag With Header and Grommets or this 3 x 5 US Poly Outdoor PH flag here at Collins Flags.

Cotton flags

A cotton flag is perfect for indoor use. It also has historical significance; it was the first material used to create an American flag, and the fabric's history goes back to the start of our country.

A cotton flag is also the most convenient option if you're budget-limited. Still, that convenience comes at the expense of other things.

For example, cotton isn't very weather resistant. Think about your favorite cotton shirt after you've done the laundry and how long it takes to dry if you hang it up somewhere. Now imagine you live in a rainy location. That shirt is your US flag! As well as holding a significant amount of water, cotton flags fade quicker and may wrinkle and crease easily. Not the look any of us want for the Stars and Stripes!

What Flagpole Should I Use for a Cotton Flag?

US Veteran Memorial Cases

None! Only choose a cotton flag if you will use it indoors.

Cotton flags are an excellent choice flag for a classroom or other indoor settings. However, if you lack the wall space

to feature the Stars and Stripes, consider getting a display box for American flag. Of course, it won't display the entire flag, but it'll be obvious what is in the display box and inspire everyone who sees it.

What Cotton Flags Do You Sell?

This Cotton US Flag With Header And Grommets is available here at Collins Flags.

What is the Best Flag Material?

It depends on where you’re planning to display your American flag!

For a low-wind location, opt for an American nylon flag.

Go for an American polyester flag if you live somewhere the weather can be a little more disruptive.

Choose an American cotton flag if you want to display a flag indoors.

If you’re choosing a flag for outdoor use, remember to check out our guides on how to choose your flagpole and how to install your flagpole in your garden.