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What is the Best Flagpole for High Winds

What is the Best Flagpole for High Winds

Best Flagpole for High Winds

aluminum flagpole outside a house

Having a strong, durable flagpole is important when living in an area where there are windy, rainy, or snowy weather conditions. There is a wide variety of flagpoles to choose from, but we recommend our one piece aluminum flagpole, that is going to be our strongest flagpole to withstand high winds. Aluminum flagpoles are strong, lightweight, and resistant to corrosion.

As you choose what height you want your flagpole to be at, you also want to consider the thickness of the flagpole’s wall tube. The thicker the flagpole is, the better chances of it standing strong.

Our aluminum flagpoles come a variety of sizes to fit your needs, and are designed for easy assembly.

Flagpole Installation

It is essential to properly install your flagpole in the ground, so it is prepared for all weather conditions. This will give your flagpole a strong base and provide support against strong winds.

To install a flagpole you will need to choose the best location for your flagpole, buy the appropriate supplies, and follow our guide on flagpole installation. This will give you peace of mind that your flagpole is secure.

how to install a flagpole video

If you need a visual reference on how to install a flagpole, you can watch this video for step-by-step instructions to ensure you do it right.

Best Flag Types for Strong Windsus flag

Along with your flagpole, you will need to make sure you have a flag that can hold up against high winds. Most of the time, if windy weather is in the forecast, we suggest taking down your flags to prevent anything from happening to them.

For times that the weather is unpredictable and you can’t get home to take down your flag, we suggest purchasing a polyester flag. Polyester flags are the most durable, and will be able to withstand high winds better than a nylon flag or cotton flag.

You can shop for our most durable flags such as our outdoor US flags, state flags, military flags, and more made of polyester and finished with header and grommets.

When is it Safe to Have a Flag Up?

As mentioned before, we recommend that you take your flag down when the weather is predicted to be bad. There is no need to put your flag or flagpole through unnecessary strain. When flags are going against strong winds, they move in ways they aren’t supposed to. This can cause damage to your flagpole overtime, so if winds are going to be above 30 mph, we suggest taking your flag down.

In addition to removing your flag from your flagpole, it is important to secure all external halyards, or flagpole rope, to prevent damage. The best way to do this is to either remove it completely along with your flag, or tie it tightly around the flagpole cleat.

To tie the halyard around the flagpole cleat, we suggest using the triple fisherman’s knot that will allow you to easily unravel when it's time to put your flag back up.

Shop all of our polyester flags and best flagpoles for high winds from Collins Flags, so you can fly your flag proudly for years to come.